About Randa Magdi

Randa Magdi

Randa is an artist, photographer and DJ (see separate tab).

Randa produces artworks using a range of media – acrylic paint, gauche paint, oil and soft pastels, watercolour, acrylic inks and collage.

Randa has gone from photographing images to drawing and painting works herself. She has a particular interest in faces.

Accepted into National Art School three decades ago, Randa instead studying art history via continuing education at Sydney University.

Randa  is a regular visitor to various art galleries in Australia and around the world.

Contact Randa at info@randamagdi.com to inquire about buying originals. 

Artist Biography

Randa Magdi’s painting practice investigates portraits.  

She is influenced by Fauvism. Passionate about and obsessed with colour, she avoids restrictions to the rules or methods of art convention. 

She recently re-investigated her love for art, and painting and is a prolific painter, who creates work daily. 

Rich hues and patterns ordain asymmetrical irregular faces.  Randa verbally expresses the following: “freaks of nature, I feel we all have uneven faces.”  

Past experience in corporate video, SBS TV and Film Australia gave her a love for facial expressions and pattern making.  

Her playful irregularity of the human face and love for neo-expressionist and poly-chromatic style seem unorthodox but portray a festive imagination and attraction. 

Randa is not interested in perfection and is intent on the naivety of her practice as pure creativity beyond her control.

Artist CV



2020          International Women’s Day Group Show, The Entrance, Syd, AUS

2020               Shorthyme, Norah Head, Sydney Australia

2021               Solo exhibition, La Carta Gallery

2021               “Same But Different, group show Newcastle, Australia 

2021               Solo exhibition, Crazy Corona Capers, The Entrance Sydney Australia

2022               The Bodies 2022exhibition at The Wyong Art House,  Sydney


2022               F**K I exhibition at  M.A.D.S Gallery in Milan, Italy

2022               Bent Art Exhibition, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

2022               Change Art Exhibition, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

2022               World of Crete (Greece) to take part in Night of Contemporary 2022

from October 1-4, 2022

2022               Brain Cake, Barcelona, December 2022

2O23  `           Randa Magdi and Lisa Ellen Hughes January, Red Tree Theatre, Tuggerah (Greater Sydney) December

2023               The Bodies 2023 exhibition at The Wyong Art House, Sydney Australia 

2023               Tokyo Tower Art Fair, Japan

2023               BENT Art, Blue Mountains, Australia

2023               World of Crete (Greece) Select Art at Villa Moma 27-29 May

2023               Coastal Twist’s Inclusive Means You, Gosford, NSW

2023               Belco Art’s “Kaleidoscope” exhibition, Canberra, ACT



  • Studio Gossie group show, November, 17 2023 to January 7, 2024 Gosford

Regional Gallery, Sydney

  • Bittersweet Symphony – joint exhibition with Lisa Ellen Hughes at Creator Incubator, Newcastle, NSW – February 2024



2023               “Cole” commissioned by NSW Health Department for publication “Part                   4 ‘Options for reporting sexual assault and legal information’